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Popcakes is the name of a new craze in America. A very popular lollipop of cake and a treat for the mouth that looks fantastic! They are really in all shapes and colors you can think of. It requires a lot of creativity to popcake to make and it’s fun! Children see these happy lollipops but not just a party for children, these popcakes in high vandal, it’s fun for every party you can think of.

Why popcakes?
Because they are in many flavors, colors and sizes available. They can be decorated in hundreds of ways. If you have 100 popcakes have flavors you can get 100 with 100 different decoration options.

They are also faster than a standard pie baking. And they are also easier to clean because there is no need to cut, you can just hand food! It is easier for people to determine the amount they wish to eat, rather than a large piece of cake to be cut.

Take BabyCakes much as you want or can. While weddings are the cupcakes the most popular option. And children have cake pops the perfect size to hold. Let your guests can decorate the Baby Cake. Fun for children’s parties, high tea or to take a visit.

How to make popcakes

Feel fun, but also delicious, cake pops to make? This how to explains how you can do this easily! Especially for a wedding I had this oh so romantic pops made red with a small white fondant heart of it. The interior consists of vanilla cake with chocolate chips. I will here the basic recipe … Continue reading